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Player: Isar
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Discord - etymologies#9009
Gmail - reidealize

Yozora Mikazuki

Canonpoint: Post Haganai NEXT Anime Adaptation
Age: 17
Wish: "I wish Sena never existed."
Result: She was brought here, into a place where, as she had wished, Sena did not exist.
Weapon: Basically a longer version of a Keris. The blade is about a metre (3 feet) long.


» Nightvision - Yozora can see in the dark, much like a cat could. Her eyes are able to adjust to both darkness and lit conditions quickly.

» Darkness - Yozora may create volumes of darkness within her visible radius, instantly, but temporarily removing all traces of light from those areas when she does so. The amount of impurities gathered from the usage of this ability is directly proportional to the volume of these spheres, multiplied by the amount of time that it lasts. As an example, she could probably engulf a football field in darkness for a full 5 seconds at maximum.

» Weapon Mind-Link - Yozora gains the ability to wield her sword through her mind instead, and is thus able to wield it slightly more effectively, given her fear of sharp implements and general inability to hold onto one without getting her nerves in a bundle. With this ability, she may have her sword traverse within a 10 ft radius of herself, and may only have it move as quickly as humanely possible, taking the average man's strength as reference.


Fourth-walling? Backtagging? Shipping? Violence?

I'm generally open to just about anything, but I'd appreciate if you ask first!
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Player name: Isar
Contact info:
Other characters currently played: None

Character name: Yozora Mikazuki
Age: 17
Canon: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Roughly translated to "I have few friends".)
Canonpoint: End of Haganai NEXT Anime Adaptation

Background: Wiki link:

Personality: When one speaks of Yozora's personality, a good number of descriptive words may come to mind, with "sadistic", "manipulative", "crude" and "egotistical" being some good examples. These words may not reflect too well upon her, but they are 'keywords' to her personality -- the outer shell of it, anyway. Alongside this is a much softer inner self, where she would actually be lonely, awkward and shy, of which latter two traits are most prominent whenever romance and love is concerned. This might be rather ironic, especially since she has no trouble openly discussing rape and torture. Furthermore, Yozora also exhibits many other traits belonging to the Capricorn sign, be they negative or positive traits - she is unforgiving, highly critical, status seeking, but also hard working, fearless, realistic, and organized. These traits are shown very clearly in her everyday interactions with the other members of the club she had started.

To start off, she is inherently egotistical, going so far to call herself 'God' in some cases. According to her, there's no problem in fabricating the words of God, simply because God is merely the fabrication of humans. This was said to a nun of the clergy, no less. Given, she could have merely been saying that to make fun of the said nun, but the manner in which she says it does not suggest that she was merely fooling around. She basically thinks herself above everyone else - especially her rival-of-sorts, the beautiful, heavily-endowed Sena Kashiwazaki, whom she thinks of nothing but a useless lump of flesh, as the nickname, "Meat", she had bestowed upon Sena may suggest.

Her sadistic self shows itself often enough - she practically derives pleasure from tormenting others with her words and actions. Throughout the series, she torments Sena almost daily, even at one point dressing up as Sena to make fun of every single thing she does. If tormenting Sena wasn't enough, she also makes the life of the protagonist himself, Kodaka, difficult by recruiting a gender-confused girl as his underling, and worsening the protagonist's unwanted image as a delinquent by manipulating the girl into buying Kodaka lunch and comics almost daily.

This brings us to next prominent trait, which is where she is manipulative. In multiple instances throughout the series, Yozora had manipulated Sena into embarrassing herself through clever trickery. What's more, when the gender-confused girl, Yukimura, turns up with a misconception of bullying and manliness, Yozora had stopped Kodaka from correcting the girl's confusion, and instead manipulated Yukimura into joining the club as Kodaka's underling so that she may observe and learn to become more like Kodaka.

As for her softer side, Yozora is actually quite the lonely person - it's the reason behind her imaginary friend that she named Tomo-chan - a possible play on the Japanese word for 'friend', 'tomodachi', even if she would never admit that it was because of her loneliness; she would instead insist that having an 'air friend' is just like playing an air guitar. She is also rather awkward when it comes to love, romance, and relationships, and would become really uncomfortable and embarrassed when it came to those topics -- but she would hide it by changing the topic or redirecting the general attention towards someone else by bringing up certain sensitive issues from their past.

Moving on, she always keeps track of the failures of others and reminds those unfortunate few of these failures at opportunistic moments to her own advantage. In that aspect, this also ties in with the fact that she's highly critical of others. She constantly seeks status - at least, among the others within the Club. It's the reason behind the constant belittling and bullying of the others within the club -- even if she resents being called a bully. She is also quite clearly a slave driver, when she does bully others into doing unreasonable things - especially in the case of the genius 10-year-old teacher, Maria. This is further showcased when the Neighbor's Club had went to an amusement park, in particular: she had pushed herself past the limits and rode a particularly thrilling ride alongside Sena, repeatedly, until both of them ended up throwing up from dealing with the nausea that had been afflicted by them from the rides. All this was done just because she had wanted to keep herself atop of Sena, thus clearly showcasing egoistical and status-seeking self, as well as exhibiting some measure of her hard-working nature -- although this may just be attributed to mere stubbornness.

Behind these negative traits, however, lies how hard-working and fearless she is. While she had been highly uncomfortable with her sexuality before as a child, previously often dressed as a boy, she had worked hard to overcome that discomfort regarding her own gender over the ten years that the protagonist hadn't seen her, and now shows herself, having no problems whatsoever with wearing a skirt as a young lady. Her fearlessness, possibly just an extension of how shameless she is in her unscrupulous ways, would have her conning and manipulating others without fear of the possible consequences. In dealing with Yukimura, Yozora's hard-working nature also sometimes takes center stage. In particular, when it was discovered that Yukimura was indeed a girl -- rather than the original misconception by all members of the Club, Yukimura included -- she had, rather than berating herself for planting such a cute girl beside Kodaka, switched from teasing Kodaka with the usually adorably dressed "boy", to attempting to make Yukimura seem as minimally attractive to Kodaka as she could.

She's also seen to be more than capable of holding normal conversations with others, as could be seen during the conversations within the Club, even if she would tend to inject plenty of snark and sarcasm. Yozora is also fairly realistic; at the very start of the series, she is shown to have put in plenty of thought into making friends, and dismissed the protagonist's suggestion of joining clubs to make friends, with the reason being that they would mess up the preexisting team dynamics within the club if they joined them. She also makes use of the social interactions among others she had seen throughout her everyday life, and organizes activities based on those interactions, even if they usually tend to not work out all too well due to the friction between Sena and herself.

Through a conversation between the misfits of the Club one day about fortune telling, her personality is also showcased. In particular, that conversation had also showcased how organized, meticulous and perfectionistic she could be; according to her, she had done a full scale research on fortune telling over a course of three months in order to discover for herself the accuracy rate of fortune telling. She had checked every source of fortune telling available from mass media and wrote down every detail of each respective day, in order to objectively evaluate if she had good or bad luck for the day. It was only after those three months that she discovered that none of those sources had produced an accuracy rate of above 70%, leading her to finally arrive at the conclusion that it was silly to believe in fortune tellers. The fact that she was unwilling to believe in fortune tellers that produced that fairly high accuracy rate suggests that she cannot accept that which is so far from perfection, whereas the amount of planning that she had to perform in order to gather such data is no doubt a good indication of how organized she could be.

All in all, she's the Neighbor Club's Chairman for a reason - indeed, to stay on top of all the misfits gathered in the Club is in fact quite a feat in itself. Truly, no one who knows her well enough would try to mess with her at length, knowing full well that the consequences for doing so would be dire.

Wish: "I wish Sena never existed." Given that the one she had cherished the most was about to be taken away from her at this point in the story, this wish made sense, even if she didn't entirely mean it from deep within her heart.

The way this could be granted could be as simple as her arrival in this new world, where Sena did in fact not exist. It's just too bad that it means that she's in a world where no one she has ever known exists. Given her dark state of mind when making this wish, it is likely that her powers would manifest in the form of darkness itself -- which also means that her soul gem would be prone to gather impurities faster than other Magi.

Passive ability:

Nightvision - Yozora can see in the darkness, much like a cat could.

Active ability:

Darkness - Yozora may create volumes of darkness within her visible radius, instantly, but temporarily removing all traces of light from those areas when she does so. The amount of impurities gathered from the usage of this ability is directly proportional to the volume of these spheres, multiplied by the amount of time that it lasts. As an example, she could probably engulf a football field in darkness for a full 5 seconds at maximum.


A cruelly curved Kris.


"Haa? A wish? As if all my problems could be so easily blasted away by something as convenient as that." While she was initially taken aback by her surroundings, Yozora had been quick enough - a little too quick, perhaps - to dismiss her new circumstances as nothing but a dream. There was no way a silly, magical-girl-anime-looking creature such as this could exist in real life, she reasoned to herself.

With that mindset, she hardly contemplated or listened to Kyuubey as he briefly explained his convenient half-truths about the nature of the contract they were about to make. No doubt a mistake, as she brooded on the problem that she had been considering before she was so suddenly ripped away from her reality - what was she to do about surviving, now that she was running away from home, and now that she was now "on a journey" and running away from reality?

It was only when the deceptively adorable creature asked what her wish was, that her attention returned to it.

"If I had to make a wish?..." she repeated the question, at least partly, as her expression darkened notably,

"I wish Sena never existed."

Then everything went dark.

IC Inbox

Jul. 28th, 2014 10:30 pm
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[ Rather than any form of special automated voice recorded message by Yozora, any who may attempt to contact her via device would be greeted with the following, rather generic, mechanical-sounding voice message: ]

The number you have dialled is currently unavailable. Please leave a message after the tone.

[ Beep. ]
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Self explanatory. Feel free to make use of this post for leaving me a message to contact you by.

Anon is NOT enabled, but all messages are screened.


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